18 nov. 2015

The European commission wants to promote fair and ethical trade schemes

The Commission is proposing a new trade and investment strategy for the European Union: 'Trade for All. Towards a more responsible trade and investment policy.'

In this strategy, fair trade and other ethical strade schemes are promoted: "Promoting fair and ethical trade schemes reflects EU consumer demand and contributes to developing more sustainable trade opportunities for small producers in third countries. There is a lack of information today about access to fair trade schemes for both producers and EU consumers. The Commission has a role to play in facilitating this connection and in raising awareness on both the supply and the demand sides." (4.2.4, page 18)

"The Commission will: 
  • use the existing structure for implementation of FTAs to promote fair trade and other sustainability assurance schemes, like the EU organic scheme; 
  • address fair and ethical trade more systematically in the upcoming review of the EU ‘Aid for trade’ strategy and report on fair trade-related projects as part of its annual ‘Aid for trade’ report; 
  • promote through the EU delegations and in cooperation with the High Representative, fair and ethical trade schemes to small producers in third countries, building on existing best practice initiatives; 
  • step up support to work in international fora, such as the International Trade Centre, to gather market data in relation to fair and ethical trade markets, which could then serve as a basis to follow the evolution of the markets; and
  • develop awareness-raising activities in the EU, in particular working with local authorities in the EU via the possible launch of an ‘EU City for Fair and Ethical Trade’ award.
“We thank Commissioner Malmström for the open dialogue with the Fair Trade movement and the various concrete initiatives in support of Fair Trade announced in the new EU Trade Strategy”, stated Sergi Corbalán, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Advocacy Office. "The Fair Trade movement warmly welcomes the new EC pro-active approach on Fair Trade and looks forward to working together with the European Union towards making all trade fair." 

The Communication will now be considered by Member States in the Council and by the European Parliament, as well as by the European Economic and Social Committee. The actions will be implemented over the course of the current Commission's mandate.

11 nov. 2015

Fairtrade Carbon Credits: Supporting smallholders in their fight against climate change | The Gold Standard

"Andreas Kratz, Director of Standards and Pricing at Fairtrade International, introduces the new Fairtrade Climate Standard, a collaboration bringing together the expertise of the Gold Standard and Fairtrade International in their respective fields."

Taiwan and the Philippines are launching new Fairtrade marketing organizations

"Taiwan and the Philippines are launching new Fairtrade marketing organizations this week. The developments are a sign of the growing appetite for Fairtrade in the Asia-Pacific region and will focus on sales of goods carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark within the island nations." 

Photo : Fairtrade international

Fairtrade celebrates its 10th anniversary in New Zealand

"Ethical label, Fairtrade, has a target to double the percentage of Fairtrade bananas sold as the organisation celebrates its 10th anniversary in New Zealand this year."

Climate change and tourism: is sacrifice inevitable?

“We cannot build the low carbon supply fast enough. In the interim we therefore have to reduce the level of consumption.” (Tyndall Centre climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson). This will mean the sacrifice of many of the luxuries richer people have become accustomed to, he said, for example requiring a dramatic reduction in the number of flights people take.

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21 sept. 2015

Nsangano: Tanzania's first fairtrade gold mine

From www.youtube.com 

Nsangano gold mine in the Geita district, North of Tanzania lake zone, is one of three Tanzanian mines which will soon receive the Fairtrade label - a testament to the ethical practices and fair treatment which go on at the plant.

3 juin 2015

RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - approved as ISEAL full member

RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil -  approved as  ISEAL full member | Fair and sustainable economy | Scoop.it

The ISEAL Alliance recently announced that the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has successfully completed the process for becoming an ISEAL full member.

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Deforestation, exploitation, hypocrisy: no end to Wilmar's palm oil land grabs

From www.theecologist.org 

With the deadline due this year for the full implementation of Wilmar's 'No peat, no deforestation, no exploitation' promise, the oil palm giant is keen to push its green image in Europe.
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